Metering and Meter Reading

Existing utility meters can be read either remotely or manually for each billing cycle. In addition to normal cycle readings, ad-hoc readings are carried out as required when owners or tenants finalise or change their account status. Consumption is analysed to identify any faulty meters and to provide advice to the body corporate on the need to have meters tested or replaced. SAS has a team of experienced meter readers to carry out manual reads.


Accounts are produced and issued for all residents at the end of the bill cycle and for any final accounts as required. The pensioner rebate will be applied to the account for any eligible unit occupiers. If required by the body corporate, or if additional utilities are to be billed, the invoice template can be adjusted.

Billing is typically monthly for commercial properties and either monthly or quarterly for residential lots. However, this can be changed by the body corporate for a cycle that is most appropriate for their needs. There is also a wide range of payment options available for clients.


A quarterly performance report is produced for the information of the body corporate committee. This report identifies total consumption, total amount billed by lot type, and the savings being made by the body corporate.

Administration Charges

For information on current charges click here.

Bank Accounts

Monies collected are transferred initially to a holding account. Each month, all electricity charges are transferred to the nominated body corporate account.

Debt Management

SAS works within the requirements of Annexure A to the Electricity Industry Code when processing unpaid bills. This document specifies the timelines for the issuing of reminder, disconnection warning and disconnection notices. Where invoices remain unpaid, our debt collection process will begin. This includes a series of notices or outbound calls followed by physical disconnection of the supply. Any costs associated with late payment of fees are the responsibility of the user.

Security deposit

The security deposit nominated by the body corporate is placed as an individual line item on the invoice. A report of security deposits held is available for body corporate use. The amount and conditions applicable for a security deposit will be included in the Welcome Letter you will receive. Once paid, security deposits are recorded in the body corporate financials as a line item.

Customer Management

A contact number will be provided for our client’s customers or the body corporate to manage tenant changes to billing and payment enquiries. This number is highlighted on the bill with the hours of operation being from 8:30am to 5:00pm on business days. Customers are encouraged to use our enquiries email address (enquiries@silverasset.com.au) for non urgent requests, as all enquiries via this channel are tracked.

Rebate Management

It is very important to consider the management of the rebate application process to ensure eligible customers receive their rebates. Our process ensures eligible residents receive the rebate credits from their bulk supply retailer.

Energy Contract and Tariff Management

Under this offer SAS will provide, free of charge, a Tariff Assessment and report on potential savings from the transition from franchise tariff to market contract.

In addition, SAS will review the body corporate processes to ensure compliance with on-seller legislation. We also run and negotiate the energy tender on your behalf and the National Electricity Market (NEM) contract for bulk electricity at a fee to be negotiated at the time.

Energy Efficiency Audits and Energy Management Services

SAS can provide additional services that highlight recommendations to implement energy efficient initiatives. These additional services all relate to utilities such as metering, electricity, gas, hot and cold water and even solar power.