What is an Embedded Network?

what is an embedded network

Embedded Networks refer to a centralised energy system that serve multiple premises within a building.

Some buildings are constructed with centralised electricity systems, some with centralised air-conditioning systems, some with centralised hot water and gas systems and many with a combination of all. These are designed to provide increased economy of scale when purchasing the energy source in bulk.

The well documented and recognised advantage of community living is the administration of community assets for the benefit of all owners.

If the community can benefit from pooling their energy resources, our experience at Silver Asset Services (SAS) is that occupants are enthusiastic about being the recipient of those benefits.

There are also advantages for developers not having to pay for centralised equipment however, the significant beneficiary of embedded networks is the occupant or the Strata owner.

By design the new Strata owner has saved money on their purchase, in some cases on their levies as well as considerable space and improved aesthetic and maintenance costs by removing the individual system from their lot.

Embedded network service providers will install a better, longer lasting, more reliable system than of the shelf, single systems with one-year warranties that are available to builders.

SAS assists Bodies Corporate that own infrastructure to administer the benefit of their assets. SAS also own infrastructure for Communities who seek to benefit from embedded networks without the upfront costs and ongoing responsibility of operating the utility supplies.

As a subsidiary of the reputable Strata company SSKB, SAS undertakes the service of utilities cognisant of the functions of the Body Corporate requirements and the Body Corporate legislation.

SAS are accountable to the Body Corporate and represent a long-term security that their asset will be managed to ensure long term benefit to the community.

A typical high-rise embedded network customer in South-East Queensland, like those served by SAS, currently pay between 30-50% less than the reference price for electricity and air conditioning.

Reputable service providers with longstanding relationships with retailers, metering providers, energy consultants and Strata Management companies are equipped to educate Strata Managers and new Strata owners to the benefits and negatives of embedded network arrangements.

A word of warning when choosing your Embedded Network Service Provider:

  • Avoid offers that are too cheap because they will increase.
  • Avoid contracts that are too long because there is no need.
  • Avoid offers that are too good to be true because they probably are.

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