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After the summer we had in Australia, it’s no surprise that most Australian’s are jumping for joy now the winter is finally here. The nice cold mornings are upon us!

For those of us who feel the cold just that little bit more, we are looking for ways to warm up the apartment and stay comfortable this winter.

Below we have listed our top 6 tips for staying warm during the winter months that won’t break the bank.

  1. Heaps of Sunshine
    Keeping your blinds open during the day will allow the sun to warm up your apartment.  Shutting your curtains and blinds overnight will act as a layer of insulation to keep warmth in your apartment.
  2. Seal It Up
    There is no mistaking the chill you get when walking into a room on a winters morning when a window has been left open. Windows and doors that aren’t correctly sealed will let cold air into your home and let the warm air escape.

    If you can feel a breeze through your window or under any doors, sealing them up will make a big difference in the winter months. Door-draft stoppers can be a great solution to keep out the cold air.
  3. Heating
    Just like using air-conditioning in the summer, heating can become rather costly when it is overused. Implementing the above steps to warm up your apartment will reduce the amount of time you need to rely on a heater. Only using your heater when you have tried dressing in warmer clothes and sealing any air leaks will help you to keep your energy costs down.

    Switching the heater on your split system to only heat one room is an effective way to make sure you aren’t paying for more electricity than you need be.

    “In SEQ, a standard air conditioner’s temperature should be set to 25  degrees for cooling in summer, and around 18  degrees for heating in winter. This is to ensure maximum energy efficiency from your unit” – Canstar Blue.
  4. Rug It Up
    Investing in a warm rug to cover your cold wooden or tiled floors can warm up cold surfaces and assist in stopping the heat from escaping.
  5. Use a Hot Water Bottle
    There is no better feeling than jumping into bed on a cold night with your hot water bottle! While it may seem excessive having heat packs and hot water bottles in Queensland, it makes such a difference and will minimise the amount of times you will need to use your heater. Not to mention is a fraction of the cost!
  6. Keep the Door Open When You Shower
    This trick releases warm damp air into the other rooms of your apartment. Nothings beats a nice hot shower on a winter morning!

We hope these tips help you stay warm during the winter months without blowing a fortune on a heater. Now is a fantastic time to renew your energy contract.   If you would like a complimentary energy review  to see how much money you could be saving on your electricity bills, click here to contact us today.

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