Reduce Energy Consumption & Cost

Reduce Energy Consumption & Cost

Reduce Energy Consumption & Cost

Energy efficiency is about reducing the energy we consume without negatively impacting our lifestyle or health and safety.

The benefits of energy efficiency are indisputable: residents save money, utility networks have smaller loads and require less upgrading, and greenhouse gas emissions are reduced. The best part is this can all be achieved without residents having to sacrifice reliability.

As utility prices continue to rise, being energy efficient is increasingly important to Strata communities.

The biggest problem currently surrounding energy efficiency is the provision of inaccurate advice on the calculations of associated costs versus savings – advice which suits the needs of the seller of the energy, rather than the buyer.

For over 12 years, Silver Asset Services has specialized in energy management within Strata communities, giving us thorough understanding of the unique requirements of community living.

By applying some basic filters, we can ensure the information you receive from prospective suppliers in accurate and comparable.

Silver Asset Services works closely with a team of suppliers to help communities improve their energy efficiency. This is achieved by investing in the most appropriate technologies in order to provide a reasonable return on investment.

We will often suggest a site energy audit as the first step in helping your community be as efficient as possible with energy consumption.

Some of the services that we will be offering our clients under partnership include:

– LED lighting
-Solar technology
– Hot water systems
– Power factor systems
– Exhaust fans with sensors
– Smart metering systems
– Water metering
– Site energy audits
– Electricity supply tendering

The team at Silver Asset Services is focused on delivering quality service and cost efficiencies to your strata community by implementing services to increase energy efficiency.

Our goal is to substantially reduce the cost of utilities for the long term, thus increasing the values and cash flow of the properties as a whole.

Silver Asset Services help Strata Communities reduce cost and consumption. Contact us today by clicking here.

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