Embedded Network Managers

Silver Asset Services has been operating since 2003 providing bodies corporate and owners corporations with access to industry leading experience in bulk utilities supply administration and the resultant cost savings.

Utility prices are changing, but you could still save over 30% by purchasing electricity from your Body Corporate.

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Embedded Networks

The model offered by Embedded Network service providers delivers strata communities with considerable power to save substantially on all energy costs.

The recognised advantage of community living is the administration of community assets for the benefit of all owners. If the community can benefit from pooling their energy resources, our experience at SAS is that occupants are enthusiastic about being the recipient of those benefits.

“Embedded Networks refer to centralised energy systems that serve multiple premises within a building and decrease costs when purchasing the energy source in bulk. Your building may include one or all the common centralised systems of electricity, air conditioning, hot water, gas or internet.”

There are advantages to developers not having to pay for centralised plant and equipment, however the significant beneficiary of Embedded Networks is the occupant or new strata owner, as it should be. By design, the new strata owner has saved money on their purchase, in some cases on their levies, not to mention considerable space, aesthetic and maintenance costs by removing the individual system within their lot.

Embedded Network service providers will install better, longer-lasting, more reliable systems than off-the-shelf single system, single year warranty equipment available to builders. They’ll do this to mitigate the cost of repairs and maintenance, replacement and downtime from unreliable systems.

SAS helps Bodies Corporate and Owners Corporations that own infrastructure to administer the benefit of their assets. SAS also own infrastructure for communities who seek the benefit of Embedded Networks without the upfront costs and ongoing responsibility of operating the utility supplies.

As a subsidiary of the reputable strata management company SSKB, SAS undertakes the service of utilities cognisant of the functions of the Body Corporate or Owners Corporation required under body corporate legislation. SAS are accountable to the Body Corporate or Owners Corporation and represent long-term security that their assets will be managed to ensure long-term benefit to the community.

A typical, well-managed, high rise living Embedded Network customer in SEQ, served by SAS, currently pays between 30-50% less than the reference price for their electricity and air conditioning, and at the time of writing the Canstar Blue 2019 Best-Rated Qld Electricity Provider was only offering rates 14% less than the reference price.