Do You Understand Water Charges? – Now You Can

Do You Understand Water Charges? – Now You Can

Do you understand water charges now you can

The Residential Tenancies Authority (RTA) are inviting the public to attend a free 30-minute online webinar on Tuesday 25 February at 10:00 AM.

The topics will include, rights and responsibilities regarding water charges, a guide to understanding water bills, water efficiency standards, practical negotiation tips for managing tenancy issues and a case study of a common water charging dispute.

Why Should You Attend?

Water is something we use every day and we don’t think much about how much we use until we receive our water bill.

We encourage all owners and building managers to attend the webinar so you can confidently pass on water charges and bills to tenants.

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Below are 6 tips from the Residential Tenancies Authority to prevent disputes about water consumption

  1. Ensure there are clear conditions in the tenancy agreement about water usage and the payment of consumption.
  2. Ensure you pass water bills onto tenants as soon as they are received to avoid any disputes occurring from tenants receiving multiple bills at once.
  3. Water leakages at the property must be reported to the property manager/owner by the tenant as soon as they become aware of them.
  4. Due to water bills often not aligning with the tenancy period, it is important to take note of the water meter readings at the beginning and end of the tenancy.
  5. If any water concerns arise ensure they are recorded in writing.
  6. Before the tenancy starts, it is important to ensure the property is water efficient. This includes providing evidence of the water efficiency measures.

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