Do You Know These 7 Facts About Electricity in Australia?

Do You Know These 7 Facts About Electricity in Australia?

Do you know these 7 facts about electricity in Australia?

Electricity plays an important part in our lives. From the simple things such as powering the lights, to the more luxury items such as televisions and computers. Many people see electricity as just a bill however fail to appreciate all of the wonderful things it does to improve our lifestyles! 
Below we have chosen 7 facts to share about electricity to spark some food for thought!  

  1. Australia Generates More Electricity Than We Consume 
    Most of the energy we produce in Australia is from non-renewable resources. This includes coal, natural gas and petroleum products. We process on average 3 times more energy that we consume as a country. This means we export two thirds of the energy that we produce.  
  2. 1.6 Million Households Have Solar  
    Over 1.6 million Australian households and businesses have now installed solar panels on their rooftops. Australia has some of the best solar resources in the world due to high solar radiation levels.  
  3. Coal is Australia’s Largest Commodity Export 
    Did you know that Coal is Australia’s largest commodity export? Annual thermal and metallurgical coal exports are worth more than $40 million. Bowen-Surat (Queensland) and Sydney basin (New South Wales) have the most significant black coal resources in Australia.  
  4. 0.2 per cent of New Cars are Electric 
    In Australia, 1 in 500 new passenger vehicles run on electricity. This equates to just 0.2 per cent of new cars sold in Australia. 
  5. Sydney Bunker 
    Did you know that there is a bunker in a Western Sydney suburb where a handful of people control the entire National Electricity Market? There are people there 24/7 to ensure Australians have enough power. 
  6. Australia Consumes enough electricity to charge 110 billion phones  
    Each day Australians consume enough electricity to charge over 110 billion mobile phones! That is 14 times more than the world’s population!! 
  7. Lightening Can Travel Through Plumbing  
    This fact applies to the world, not just Australia! Lightening can travel through plumbing. It is best to avoid using the shower, bath and sinks during a storm.  

While you may not consider electricity to be the most interesting topic of conversation, it is something that we all deal with every day. Due to using electricity so much, any money we can save on our bills is a bonus! 
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