June 25, 2020

Savings – Water

Most people have become cautious with their electricity usage. Getting into the habit of turning off light switches as you leave the room may be second nature however, what steps do you take to save money on your water bills? At Silver Asset Services we have done the hard work […]
June 11, 2020
Savings - Heating Edition

Savings – Heating

After the summer we had in Australia, it’s no surprise that most Australian’s are jumping for joy now the winter is finally here. The nice cold mornings are upon us! For those of us who feel the cold just that little bit more, we are looking for ways to warm […]
May 7, 2020
Do you know these 7 facts about electricity in Australia?

Do You Know These 7 Facts About Electricity in Australia?

Electricity plays an important part in our lives. From the simple things such as powering the lights, to the more luxury items such as televisions and computers. Many people see electricity as just a bill however fail to appreciate all of the wonderful things it does to improve our lifestyles!  Below we have chosen 7 facts to share […]
May 7, 2020
What can SAS do for the strata industry?

What Can Silver Asset Services Do for The Strata Industry?

Silver Asset Services is the trusted specialist, assisting building owners and Bodies Corporate to successfully acquire bulk utilities including electricity, water, air conditioning and gas, and managing those services on the behalf of the Body Corporate.   What is Bulk Utility Supply?  Buying anything in bulk saves money and the same is […]
April 9, 2020
AER Expectations

AER Expectations

Many people are or will be affected by the restrictions implemented as a result of COVID-19.   The Australian Energy Retailer (AER) have released their expectations for how energy businesses should be protecting residential/small business customers facing financial hardship.   AER Expectations   The 10 principles released are have been released to ensure the protection of customers and the market […]
April 8, 2020
$200 Residential Rebate Queensland

$200 Residential Rebate for Queensland

The Queensland Government have announced a $200 residential rebate applicable to all Queensland residents. What is the Household Utility Assistance Package? The Queensland Government have announced that they are providing a $300 Million Household Utility Assistance Package to all Queenslanders to assist households during the COVID-19 crisis. This package is […]
April 6, 2020
How Can You Benefit from Being A Large Customer

How Can You Benefit from Being A Large Customer?

Being part of a Body Corporate / Owners Corporation comes with many benefits. One of the biggest benefits is the savings that owners can achieve from by being considered a large customer. How Do You Know If Your Complex Would Benefit from Bulk Utilities? If you live in a scheme […]
March 23, 2020
what is an embedded network

What is an Embedded Network?

Embedded Networks refer to a centralised energy system that serve multiple premises within a building. Some buildings are constructed with centralised electricity systems, some with centralised air-conditioning systems, some with centralised hot water and gas systems and many with a combination of all. These are designed to provide increased economy […]
March 4, 2020
New AEMC Rule

New AEMC Rule – Protecting You

Last week, the AEMC handed down a final determination that focused on customers and protects them from wearing the cost of electricity losses. Marginal Loss Factors Marginal Loss Factors (MLFs) put a price on the losses caused by the electricity that is lost as heat when electricity is transported across […]
February 19, 2020
Do you understand water charges now you can

Do You Understand Water Charges? – Now You Can

The Residential Tenancies Authority (RTA) are inviting the public to attend a free 30-minute online webinar on Tuesday 25 February at 10:00 AM. The topics will include, rights and responsibilities regarding water charges, a guide to understanding water bills, water efficiency standards, practical negotiation tips for managing tenancy issues and […]
February 13, 2020
Draft determination on the default market offer

Draft Determination on the Default Market Offer – Have Your Say

This week, the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) has released its draft determination on the Default Market Offer (DMO) pricing for 1 July 2020 to 30 June 2021 for public consultation. The DMO was introduced last year in July 2019. Since being introduced, a typical residential standing offer bill has reduced […]
February 7, 2020
Embedded Network Regulation Changes

Embedded Network Regulation Changes

Embedded Networks by nature use their economies of scale to reduce the costs of utilities. SAS administer these savings for all community members.   It’s a really simple concept, and it has been hugely successful in decreasing the living costs for occupants in buildings that we manage for the last 16 years.   There are some […]
May 13, 2019
All things electricity meters

All Things Electricity Meters!

Meter location and access to your meter A lot of our customers don’t know where the electricity meter for their unit is located. It can be a little harder to find than looking in the meter box outside, as you usually would at a typical standalone house however we can […]
April 16, 2019
Queensland Asset Ownership Dividend

Queensland Asset Ownership Dividend

For the second year in a row the Queensland Government will be providing a $50.00 electricity credit to all Queensland households in an effort to provide assistance and electricity bill relief. What do I need to do to apply? Nothing. Due to the bulk purchase and on-selling arrangement your Body […]
April 1, 2019
Reduce Energy Consumption & Cost

Reduce Energy Consumption & Cost

Energy efficiency is about reducing the energy we consume without negatively impacting our lifestyle or health and safety. The benefits of energy efficiency are indisputable: residents save money, utility networks have smaller loads and require less upgrading, and greenhouse gas emissions are reduced. The best part is this can all […]
March 29, 2019
How Bulk Utilities Can Benefit You

How Bulk Utilities Can Benefit You.

Silver Asset Services is the trusted specialist, assisting building owners and bodies corporate to successfully acquire bulk utilities including electricity, water, air conditioning and gas, and managing those services on their behalf. Our goal is to substantially reduce the cost of utilities for the long term, thus increasing the values […]