All Things Electricity Meters!

All Things Electricity Meters!

All things electricity meters

Meter location and access to your meter

A lot of our customers don’t know where the electricity meter for their unit is located. It can be a little harder to find than looking in the meter box outside, as you usually would at a typical standalone house however we can assure you that your unit does have its own individual meter onsite and that you are fully entitled to view your meter.

Electricity meters in embedded networks can be located in various areas such as a meter cupboard on every few floors, in a cupboard in the car park or within the unit itself (remote meter reading system will be installed if this is the case).

For confirmation of where your meter is located and to organize a time to view your meter please speak to your property or onsite manager.

Different Meter Displays

There are various types of meters and different meter displays however the below three are the most commonly used in SAS buildings:

  1. Digital Display
  2. Cyclometer Display
  3. Dial Display

These meters all do the exact same job but just look a little different.

Meter reads

The body corporate for your building instruct SAS on how to issue your bills. If they say monthly, we bill monthly. If they say quarterly, we bill quarterly. Electricity meter reads are taken as per the billing cycle requested by the body corporate. They will be obtained one of two ways:

  • Physical electricity meter reads

We have dedicated contractors who visit buildings to physically obtain electricity meter reads for us. We then forward them for billing.

  • Remote electricity meter reads.

Your building may have a remote electricity meter reading system installed which simply means that the meter for your unit sends reads to an electronic logger off site which we can then access via an internet connection. Remote meter reading systems are installed to avoid any access issues.

If you want any further information regarding the electricity meter for your unit please feel free to contact Silver Asset Services on 07 3010 5560 or by emailing


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