8 Fun Facts About Electricity

8 fun facts about electricity

Before you click off this page, just read these 8 fun facts – I dare you to discover how electricity can really get you sitting on the edge of seat wanting to know more….. Honestly these facts will change your mind about electricity and arm you with chit chat for the party season ahead.  I was surprised myself as to how much I was interested in these electricity facts and have decided to share them all with you.
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  1. Did you know that there is a bunker in a Western Sydney suburb where a handful of people control the entire National Electricity Market? There are people there 24/7 to ensure Australians have enough power.
  2. Australians use enough power each day to power to charge over 110 billion mobile phones.
  3. Humans and animals both use electricity in their bodies. This fact took me by surprise. Electricity is usually associated with powering our phones, televisions, lights and more but many people are unaware that our bodies use a form of electricity. By this I don’t mean humans can be plugged into a wall to receive their energy, but we do use bioelectricity. Bioelectricity is the electrical currents that pass signals from cells to muscles. Animals such as eels can generate up to 500 volts. Amazing.
  4. Did you know that the first major building to be lit by electricity in Australia was Sydney’s General Post Office? This occurred in 1878 using its own generator. In 1887, Sydney got its first public streetlight. 
  5. Many of you will be familiar with the saying “at the speed of light”. This refers to how fast electricity travels, 300,000 kilometers per second to be exact! 
  6. Electricity can be powered by cheese, #mind #blown. In Albertville, France they make electricity from Beaufort Cheese! How does it work you may be asking? Bacteria is added to remove the whey, this causes a release of biogas. The gas is used to heat water and boom, energy is created! 
  7. We have all heard of the dangerous effects associated with lightning bolts, but did you know that lightning can travel at 130,000 miles per hour and reaches temperatures of up to 30,000 degrees Celsius
  8. Most power outages are caused by weather. Strong winds and storms are most common for causing these outages.

Now that your mind is filled with fun facts about electricity you will be everyone’s favorite know it all at the family BBQ.

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