‘Spring Clean’ Your Energy Use

‘Spring Clean’ Your Energy Use

Spring is here! And so is the warmer weather, so now is the perfect time to ‘spring clean’ your energy use.

So, spring into action and turn that extra energy into electricity efficiency.

Throw the curtains back and open those windows

As little as 30 minutes exposure to natural sunlight can boost your mood and 15 minutes exposure can be as good as a caffeine boost in the mornings.

Natural sunlight is a better alternative having lights on all the time during the day and the natural ventilation of an open window will cool your place much faster than immediately reaching for the air-conditioner.

Don’t be blind to window coverings

Too much sun can also be too much of a good thing. Sunblock curtains and blinds on windows that receive a lot of direct sunlight is a great way to reduce the heat coming into to your apartment. High quality window coverings will also help keep the cool in for times you need to run the air-conditioner.

The Goldilocks Principle

It’s not too hot, it’s not too cold… it’s just right. For times when you need to cool down just the little, a fan is a great alternative to the air conditioner. Take the change of season to make sure your fan is completely clean, so it doesn’t raise dusty and allergens.

Spring clean the air-conditioner

Make sure the vents are clean and clear on your air-conditioner and, if you have a split-system, look at having is professionally serviced – so you don’t lose your cool this summer.

Shut the door to summer heat

Simple actions like closing doors to unused rooms, means you’re not paying to cool a room that no one is in. Another simple tip is to use soft draught excluders on these doors to prevent air-conditioned air going to places it’s not needed.

Time It Right

Many air-conditioning units have timer switches. They’re a helpful way to using your air-conditioner strategically to ensure a good night’s sleep on hot summer nights. Make sure your bedroom is well ventilated for several hours in the late afternoon and early evening. Then, an hour before bed, close the windows and curtains, switch on their air conditioner and close the bedroom door.

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