Help My Electricity Bill is Too High!

Help My Electricity Bill is Too High!

Silver Asset Services looks at what you can do if you think your electricity bill is too hight

No one likes a big power bill, but keeping it under control is as easy as A, B, C (and, we’ve thrown in D and E as well).

A is for


Have you bought a new appliance? You might be surprised how much energy they consume. You can effectively deal with these ‘electric (bill) shocks’ by turning off unused appliances. Before you next make a purchase, check out the Federal Government’s Energy Rating web site for useful tips on energy efficient appliances.

B is for

Balance on the Bill

If your bill is not paid by the due date, the balance will show up on next month’s bill. Paying your bills on time is the best way to avoid seeing an unexpected amount on your account.

Did you know that you may qualify for state government rebates. Check out:

If you are having trouble paying your electricity bill, please contact Silver Asset Services.

C is for

Cycle – (A Billing Cycle, that is)

If you see a small increase in your bill, this could mean the billing period was for longer. To find out for certain, just check the dates of this billing period against your previous bill.

D is for


Did you have extra house guests to stay? Or perhaps a recent run of bad weather meant you used the dryer more than you normally would?

Sometimes we can end up using a little more electricity than we intend – and it’s easy to forget by the time the next bill comes around.

If you are unsure whether you’re using more electricity than usual, you can compare your energy use with the amount used at the same time last year.

E is for

Estimated Bill

If, for some reason we cannot get access to your meter, Silver Asset Services estimates your energy use and this could be based on your previous billing period, or the amount used during the same time last year.

When we estimate your usage, you’ll see an ‘E’ (for ‘estimated’ usage) on the back of your bill. We’ll try to get an actual meter reading for your next bill and make any necessary adjustments.

When we estimate your usage, you’ll see the word Estimated next to the meter number on your bill.

Silver Asset Services is the expert in utilities management for strata communities. We provide billing services to Owners Corporations and Body Corporate Communities. Silver Asset Service was one of the first companies in Australia to be accredited as an Embedded Network Manager.

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