Finding Energy Efficient Products

Finding Energy Efficient Products

Everyone is talking about being energy efficient – and no wonder! According to Choice magazine, Australian households typical spend about $1750 a year on electricity.

Everyone’s usage is different of course, but energy use in your home tends to break down like this:

  • Heating and cooling 40%
  • Water heating 23%
  • Other appliances, e.g. Laundry, AV and computers (14%)
  • Fridges and freezers (8%)
  • Lighting (7%)
  • Cooking (5%)
  • Standby power (3%).

One great way to choose new energy efficient products is look at the Energy Star Rating.

More stars means more energy efficient – when compared to other models of the same size.

Most products are given between 1 and 6 stars. However, technology keeps getting better… as does energy efficiency! This is why nowadays you’ll see some super-efficient models in shops and online with an extra row for stars, as they can have up to 10.

But even if you’re not in the market for new appliances, there is plenty you can do to make your current appliances more efficient:

  • Ensure there is enough space between your fridge and the surrounding walls to allow air to ventilate freely.
  • Try to keep your fridge out of direct sunlight and away from stoves and ovens so that its temperature can be maintained, and it won’t have to work too hard to cool down.
  • Spring clean your ceiling fan blades, and the filters, coils and fins of your air conditioner. That will help them work more efficiently.
  • Be sure your dishwasher is full (but not overloaded) when you run it.
  • When using the dishwasher, let your dishes air dry. If you don’t have an automatic air-dry switch, turn off the control knob after the final rinse and prop the door open slightly so the dishes will dry faster.
  • Use small appliances such as sandwich presses or electric frypans for small meals instead the full size oven to use as little as a third as much energy the oven.

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