SAS provides its services to more than seventy bodies corporate, comprising more than 6 000 lots (both residential and commercial) along Australia’s eastern seaboard and operates across the full spectrum of building types, utilities and metering processes.

The SAS team of professionals have extensive knowledge of the utilities industry and always go above and beyond to satisfy the needs of their clients. They are knowledgeable and accurately attend to any issues which may arise with the support of a network of industry contacts who can provide speedy responses to industry-related questions.

Silver Asset Services focuses on delivering cost efficiencies to our clients with the goal of ensuring that our clients receive the maximum benefits available across the utility provision industries.

In most cases, this means we represent the property owners as they on sell energy and water. This arrangement often results in significant discounts for common property costs and large savings passed on to residents.

Silver Asset Services specialises in the administration of bulk utilities services to bodies corporate.

Silver Asset Services specialises in the administration of bulk utilities services to bodies corporate. We also work closely with developers to ensure capital costs are minimised while offering investors and residents significant savings on the cost of utility services.

There are many services that we target for bulk supply discount including electricity, air conditioning, hot water and cold water.

There are significant financial benefits when using bulk utility services, however there are many regulatory and technological challenges to overcome. The experienced team at Silver Asset Services can work with your development team to ensure the most appropriate and efficient structures are put in place to support your project and provide future savings to both the body corporate and residents.

About Silver Asset Services

Silver Energy was formed in 2003 providing bodies corporate and building owners with access to industry-leading experience in bulk utilities supply administration and the resultant cost savings. In 2008 the company name changed to Silver Asset Services to better reflect the comprehensive range of services available.

Silver Asset Services (SAS) has the necessary experience, personnel and quality assurance systems to ensure that your property obtains the best possible utility management services available. SAS provides billing administration and other services to over 100 bodies corporate, comprising more than 6000 lots – both residential and commercial.


June 14, 2016
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